Asset Rotation. The Demise Of Modern Portfolio Theory And The Birth Of An Investment Renaissance

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An all-weather, tactical approach to asset management utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) In Asset Rotation, portfolio management pioneer Matthew P

Asset Rotation provides investors with a practical solution for today's real world problems

Erickson demonstrates a time-tested approach to asset management that has worked throughout the history of capital markets, in good times and bad

Find out how

For those adhering to a conventional Modern Portfolio Theory based investment approach to asset management, what was once regarded as safe and stable, may very well soon become our greatest impediment

No longer may bonds be regarded as a safe haven asset class, as for the first time in generations, investors in fixed income face losses as interest rates rise from historical all-time lows

Over time this revolutionary approach has yielded superior returns, with significantly reduced levels of risk providing the engine for true, long-term sustainable growth

Presents an easy-to-understand price momentum-based approach to investing Illustrates the benefits of asset rotation Offers a systematic approach for securing a sound financial future Provides further insights as to how to customize your own asset rotation portfolio Matthew Erickson gives investors a hands-on resource for how to navigate an increasingly difficult investment landscape, by providing them with keen insights into the most rapidly growing segment of the investment markets.

Providing investors with strong participation in rising markets, but more importantly with a discipline to reduce participation in prolonged declines

The investment world as we know it has changed, and the paradigm has shifted

This tactical approach to asset management provides us with concrete proof that there is indeed a better way

We are standing on the precipice of an Investment Renaissance

What has worked in the past may no longer work in the future

What was previously impossible, is now possible